The TACSO BiH office organised a training programme on Project Cycle Management implemented by TACSO by VESTA as a direct response to the needs assessment of civil society in BiH. According to the findings of the needs assessment of NGOs in BiH for the period 2013-2015, the work plan of TACSO BiH for 2015, and the systematization of the most common questions received by the TACSO BiH Help desk, it was found that a large number of organisations operating in smaller communities have very limited access to technical assistance, as well as a lack of knowledge and skills to successfully manage projects based on EU applications with a focus on the logical framework and budget.


Thanks to the "EU and YOU" initiative of the Office of the EU Special Representative, 17 students from Bosnia and Herzegovina travel to Brussels on Monday, June 15, 2015. Students from the University of Mostar, University of Bihac, University of Banja Luka, University Džemal Bijedić in Mostar, University of Sarajevo, University of Tuzla, University of Zenica, University of East Sarajevo with the Medical Faculty of Foča, the University Centre in Bijeljina, the Faculty of Economics Brčko and International Burch University are the winners of the EU Debate Competition held in Sarajevo, on June 3-4, 2015.


Thanks to the "EU and YOU" initiative of the Office of the EU Special Representative, in the last four months more than 500 undergraduate students from across Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) visited the EU HQ in Sarajevo and discussed the EU perspective of BiH with the EU officials, asked numerous questions and explored greater involvement in the European integration process.


Groups from every public university in BiH will have the chance to visit the EU HQ in Sarajevo and debate the EU perspective of BiH with the Union's officials, under a programme that started on February 19.

Within the programme „EU and YOU“, students of the University of Mostar yesterday visited, the Delegation of the European Union to BiH/EU Special Representative in BiH, where they met Thomas Busch, Head of the Political Office of the EUD/EUSR to BiH.


Members of the Network Citizens for Europe (CfE) with the support of TACSO BiH initiatives networks, coalitions, initiatives, alliances, platform of civil society organizations (CSOs) in Bosnia and Herzegovina implemented a number of activities in the period June-December 2014. The goal of all activities focused on strengthening policy dialogue on key aspects of the European integration process in Bosnia and Herzegovina as well as strengthening and promoting the network of organizations of civil society.


Supported by Canadian organisation WACC

The project “Strengthening community radio sector in Bosnia and Herzegovina” aims to ensure capacity budilidng of VestaRadio in order to contribute to strengthening of the sector itself. Project activities will include development of the new VestaRadio web site with web streaming and online training tools for other community broadcasters, as well as activities of the mentorship program to youth interested in citizen journalism. Within the project a round table and consultation to bring together CRSs in BiH is foreseen in order to initiate joint initiatives.


Under the auspices of the Office of the EU Special Representative in BiH

Expert team of VESTA starts the activities of implementing the 'Outreach to Undergraduate Students in BiH', with the slogan 'EU and YOU', under the auspices of the Office of the EU Special Representative in BiH. The project has had earlier termination due the force majeure and effects of the catastrophic floods in BiH in May 2014.