Project: Capacity Building of Civil Society Organisations in the Western Balkans and Turkey (TACSO 2).

Location: Sarajevo, Bosnia & Herzegovina

Language: Working language is BHS and English

Deadline for applications: 16.00 hours; 08. December, 2014

Organisation: Vesta Resource Center supported by TACSO

Sectors: Civil Society & NGOs, Social Development, Institutional Development & Capacity Building

Contract: One year fixed term contract with possibility to be extended. A month of probation period is obliged.

Starting Date: January, 2015


We have the pleasure of informing public that Technical Assistance to Civil Society Organizations (TACSO) Project started the partnership with VESTA Association in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Press release of TACSO Office is available HERE.


Within the Programme for initiatives, networks, alliances, coalitions and platforms of civil society organizations (CSOs) from Bosnia and Herzegovina, advertised by TASCO BiH office in May this year, three initiatives of civil society organisations were supported including the network Citizens for Europe.


Gender equality is cross cutting issue in all Vesta program interventions and in particularly in the area of the political and decision making structures and processes. The project "Women in politics - for sustainable and long-term oriented changes" that addresses the gender issue in the political sphere is implemented by the Vesta Association , with the generous support of the American people through the United States Embassy in Sarajevo.


Project implemented in cooperation with CSOs from Western Balkans` Region and Brussels

Association for promotion of Human Rights and Media Freedoms CENZURA PLUS from Croatia in partnership with the Social Innovation Lab from Croatia, CNVOS from Slovenia, EECAS from Belgium, VESTA Association from Bosnia and Herzegovina, CRVNO from Montenegro and BCSDN from FYRO Macedonia, is implementing project named “Learn about your benefits from Active European Citizenship”, financed under the Europe for Citizens Program.


The Code of Ethical Research with children in BiH has been developed in the frame of the ongoing project 'Strengthening the role of civil society organisations in the monitoring of the state Strategy for combating violence against children in BiH' implemented by the Association Vesta, in partnership with the Association Zemlja djece Tuzla and the BiH Ministry for Human Rights and Refugees. The project is financed by the European Union.

The BiH Council of Ministers, on its 51st session held on 28 May 2013, passed the Decision on adoption of the Code of Ethical Research with children in BiH, aimed at protection of children form all forms of misuse and in line with the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child. The Code of Ethical Research with children regulates the status of children and their families as subjects of various research – humanistic, social, educational, medical, and all other research, which in direct or indirect manner may affect their personal integrity.


Third phase of the 'Citizens for Europe' Initiative

Under the patronage of the Special Representative of the European Union in BiH H.E. Peter Sorensen and with support of the Kingdom of Sweden and SIDA, the Association Vesta is implementing the third phase of the 'Citizens for Europe' Initiative. Continuation of the citizens for Europe gathers over 63 non-governmental organisations and other actors from the whole of Bosnia and Herzegovina which, with their work contribute to the stronger voice of civil society in the process of European integrations.