Code of Ethical Research with children in BiH is finalised

Final draft of the Code of Ethical Research with children in BiH was finalised and prepared for further adopting procedure. In its essence and form, this important document is completely in line with the guidelines foreseen by the project  „Strengthening the role of CSOs in the monitoring of State Strategy for combating of violence against children in BiH 2011-2014/15'', that Vesta Association is implementing with the support of and in close coordination with the BiH Ministry of Human Rights and Refugees.

Once it is adopted, the Code of Ethical Research will promote and regulate, in the best interest of a child, the field of research with children in BiH. The document is a result of a months long engagement of experts and a quality participatory process, in which all the interested parties, including the Team of experts verified by the Ministry for Human Rights and Refugees.