Analysis of progress made in the implementation of reforms within the EU integration process

In order to assess the progress made in BIH in the field of labour and employment, and jointly look into the solutions to challenges in the implementation of reforms within the EU integration process, Vesta Association from Tuzla organised a public session as part of the project ''Citizens for Europe“. The public session took place on Tuesday 29 May 2012. godine, at the EU building in Sarajevo.

It was attended by more than 40 representatives of relevant government bodies which are dealing with the labour and employment issues at the national and entity levels. Also present were representatives of the civil society, who conducted a comprehensive research, and came up with priority measures that need to be implemented in the said sector.

During the discussion, representatives of the relevant institutions and agencies agreed in most part concerning abolishment of health care administration through employment bureaus, reform of employment policy by making a distinction between active and passive job seekers, as well as rationalising and consolidating the Federation BiH Employment Service.