The „Citizens for Europe“ Initiative is a unique action by the BiH civil society directed toward promoting the European integrations process and intensifying of government officials' activities to implement the necessary reforms. Through the „Citizens for Europe“ Initiative in 2010 and 2011, a network of non-governmental organisations and other civil society members from all over BiH, had a direct dialogue with country's political parties and government officials, aimed at improving the quality of public debate and authorities' commitment to the key measures that need to be introduced so as to achieve a better living standards and to get BiH closer to the European Union.


Due to the difficult economic situation and a reduced tax revenue for budgets in Bosnia and Herzegovina, certain rights related to pregnancy, delivery and care for a newborn are being annulled. Payment of maternity benefits for newly delivered mothers in BiH is highly unharmonised and in some parts of the country these payments are not being made at all.


Forming of the Local Action Group in Tuzla municipality is expected soon

Vesta Association organised on 9 May 2012 a presentation and a panel discussion on European initiatives for development of rural communities. The objective of this event was to contribute to a better understanding of the EU, its policies and rural development programs, as well as benefits enjoyed by candidate countries, potential candidate countries and EU member states.


Space has been provided on the frequencies of Vesta Radio to representatives of six groups of marginalized women from Tuzla municipality, to point to the difficulties they are facing in their daily lives, and to give their recommendations how to address them at the municipal level. Prior to these radio shows, a training was held on public advocacy and media relations. All these activities are taking place within the project “Our radio-Our voice”, funded by the Canadian Christian organization WACC.


On Thursday 26 April 2012 Vesta organised in Brčko District a presentation and a panel discussoin on European initiatives for development of rural communities. The objective of this presentation and discussion was to contribute to a better understanding of the EU, its rural development policies and programs, as well as benefits for canddiate and potential candidate countries, and member countries of the EU.


Promote activities in the sector "Energy and Environment ", "Agriculture and Rural Development" and "Labour and Employment "

Vesta Association has, upon completion of the second phase of the Initiative "Citizens for Europe", continued to manage and use the existing web platform, adding relevant current information related, in most part, to the three sectors which were in focus during implementation of last year's project activities. These sectors are: "Energy and Environment ", "Agriculture and Rural Development ", and "Labour and Employment".


Affirming female candidates in the upcoming elections

˝Contemporary trends and strategic communication in politics“ was the theme of the workshop organised by ˝Vesta˝ Association on Thursday, 19. April in Tuzla. This workshop was organised by Vesta with support of the Friedrich Ebert Foundation. It was intended for representatives of political parties in Tuzla municipality, with a view to support affirmation of female candidates in the upcoming elections.