Finished project

For the purpose of reinforcing the role of the civil society in the promotion of human rights and democratic reforms in BIH in accordance with the regulations of the European integration process, Association Vesta from Tuzla, in partnership with Udružene žene from Banja Luka, is realizing the project “Gender-responsive budgets as part of reform changes on the road to European integration and the basis for improving the recognition of women’s rights in BIH.”


The overall objective is to promote active citizen's participation and gender equality in the decision-making processes at the local level.

Specific objectives of this project are primarily related to minority and ethnic groups as well as local radio editors in seven cities in Bosnia and Herzegovina (Banja Luka, Zvornik, Bijeljina, Tuzla, Sapna, Travnik, Sarajevo


In order to improve the status of women and children in BiH, as the final beneficiaries of the project, the representatives of civil society who are responsible for the protection of women's and children's rights are elected for the target group. Representatives of the civil society are considered to be all partners in the creation of the civil society, including non-governmental organizations, independent political foundations, community-based organizations, non-profit agencies for the private sector, and institutions and organizations at the local and national level.


Lack of gender awareness among young people and gender equality in local youth organizations as well as media stereotyped approach to youth in Tuzla is the problem that project aims to address. More than 20 organizations contribute to youth policy development in Tuzla. However, majority of its leaders are young men while girls are not recognized as active contributors.


The project of Association Vesta, which was financially supported by the Tuzla Municipality, is a contribution towards the implementation of the policy of energy efficiency in accordance with EU standards, and other obligations that the state must fulfill on its road to the EU, and is specifically directed on supporting entrepreneurs through training and awareness-raising.


The project of Association Vesta, which is financially supported by the Tuzla Municipality, strives to strengthen the organizational capacities of 11 associations of agricultural producers in the Tuzla Municipality, so that during 2010 the associations would have clear strategic guidelines for action based on EU postulates of rural development, developed procedures for member management and increased incomes from the grant plans of local and international donators.


Investing in the promotion of the cooperation between the media, the local authorities and minority returnees is relevant and extremely significant at this moment in Bosnia and Herzegovina.