Realization of training sessions for media workers

Association Vesta, in cooperation with the partner organization Mediacentar from Sarajevo, organized training sessions "The media in the process of reintegration and sustainable return" on the premises of Mediacentar in Sarajevo from 14th to 15th and 21st to 22nd of April 2008. The training sessions were attended by representatives of the media from the area of Northeastern Bosnia and Herzegovina, and had the following objectives:

  • professional training of media workers on peace-time journalism,
  • acquisition of knowledges in the area of reporting on human rights,
  • strengthening the participants' capacities on the social responsibility of the media in the process of reintegration and sustainable return;

The training was organized as part of the realization of the project The media in the process of reintegration and sustainable return - A campaign for reducing the effects of discriminatory and xenophobic elements on the return zones, and for recognizing the socio-economic rights of minority returnees to Northeastern Bosnia, with the purpose of creating a platform for the sustainable return and reintegration of minority returnees and displaced persons into their local community in 15 municipalities in Northeastern Bosnia (Bratunac, Bijeljina, Banovići, Brčko, Čelić, Kalesija, Lopare, Lukavac, Milići, Sapna, Srebrenica, Tuzla, Ugljevik, Vlasenica and Zvornik).