Monitoring of local services: civil society organisations), citizens and local authorities acting together to achieve better

Vesta Association from Tuzla is implementing the project “Monitoring of local services: civil society organisations (CSO), citizens and local authorities acting together to achieve better services”. Implementers of the project are Civil Society Promotion Centre from Sarajevo and the EDA Development Agency Banja Luka, funded by the Open Society Fund in BiH.

The project's overall objective is to support the development of a democratic local administration in BiH, based on the principles of participation, non-discrimination and accountability by local authorities. In addition to Vesta, 75 other NGOs and informal groups will take part in the project's activities, through participation in forums, public advocacy campaigns etc.

Representatives of senior government levels (Assemblies and Cantonal Governments in the Federation BiH and Ministries in the RS Government) will be invited to join the public forums, public debates and panel/round table disussions, planned within this project.

Indirect beneficiaries of the project are a wide variety of community members in local self-governance units, including all citizens, civil society representatives, and business sector representatives, who will also benefit from an increased involvement of direct beneficiaries aimed at protecting citizens' interests in the field of public services.

Representatives of executive and legislative bodies in the local administrations, who will have the opportunity to cooperate in the field of service-provision, and communicate with well informed and qualified citizens, also represent indirect beneficiaries. The project is planned to end by December 2013.