The international conference in Zadar

The international conference entitled “Strengthening the triangle CSOs – National Governments – European Commission” will take place in Zadar, Croatia on the 19 and 20 October 2009 organised by European Citizen Action Service (ECAS), National Foundation for Civil Society Development (NFCSD) and the IMPACT European Centre fro Cross Sector Partnership. This conference is supported by European Commission DG Enlargements’ People to People programme.

This event is part of a process that launched a debate at EU and national levels about how to create sustainable partnership relations between civil society actors, EU and national authorities. Four international conferences were organised in the framework of this campaign: the Brussels conference, which was held in October 2007, the Ljubljana conference which took place in April 2008 and during which a crucial policy document in this process was adopted by the CSOs: the Ljubljana declaration, the Zadar conference in September 2008 and the Congress in Ljubljana which was held in April 2009.