The 'Outreach to Undergraduate Students in Bit'

Expert team of VESTA starts the activities of implementing the 'Outreach to Undergraduate Students in BiH', with the slogan 'EU and YOU', under the auspices of the Office of the EU Special Representative in BiH. Realisation of the programme will be undertaken within the period December 2014 - July 2015. , and up to 650 students from 13 BiH universities and selected faculties/ academy will take part in this programme.

This participatory programme aims to increase the students' level of knowledge and interest in specific questions relevant to EU integrations and encourage their more active participation in activities of speeding up the processes of BiH accession to the European family and building a prosperous and stable society. It aims to further facilitate an informal network between EUSR office and public universities as well as network among universities from across BiH in order to emphasize importance of EU agenda within their curricula, thus to strengthen the youth commitment and demand for the delivery of EU-related reforms.

A part from the promotional-educational visits to be organised for up to 650 students to the Delegation EU/ EUSR, the programme brings an opportunity of students' participation in a debate competition, as well as educational study visit to Brussels for the winning teams in a debate competition process.

It is expected that the program will ensure effective cooperation among all stakeholders and create additional assumptions and impulse of speeding up the reform processes of BiH accession to the European Union.