Strengthening community radio sector in Bosnia and Herzegovina

The project “Strengthening community radio sector in Bosnia and Herzegovina” aims to ensure capacity budilidng of VestaRadio in order to contribute to strengthening of the sector itself. Project activities will include development of the new VestaRadio web site with web streaming and online training tools for other community broadcasters, as well as activities of the mentorship program to youth interested in citizen journalism. Within the project a round table and consultation to bring together CRSs in BiH is foreseen in order to initiate joint initiatives. Supported by Canadian organisation WACC.

Project’s immediate purpose;

• Available on-line mentorship and training possibilities for community radio managers.

• Increased involvement of citizens’ journalists and volunteers in media.

• Increased involvement of marginalized groups of citizens in CRSs raising their voices for social justice.

• Strengthened networking of CRSs ensures joint activities towards fulfillment of human rights in BiH.

Vesta aims to contribute to the strengthening of community radio sector in BiH. The long- term goal would be possible to measure in increased level of respect of communication rights. The evidence would be possible to find in increased and stronger knowledge of CRS’s management, through good practice-sharing in the community radio movement and in increased number of citizens journalists and volunteers in CRSs in BiH. The project duration is 6 months starting beginning of January 2015, finalising end of June 2015.