TACSO BiH supports the Citizen for Europe, coordinated by Vesta

Within the TACSO support to the initiatives, networks, alliances, coalitions and platforms of civil society organizations (CSOs) from Bosnia and Herzegovina, the Citizens for Europe is given the chance to further empower its capacities and contribute to the recognition of the role of CSOs in the European integration process.

The Citizens for Europe Initiative was started by the Office of the Special Representative of the European Union in Bosnia and Herzegovina, in 2010, with the aim of strengthening the dialogue between the civil society and decision makers in the process of European integrations. The idea of unification and articulation of the common priorities of the civil society and the citizens of Bosnia and Herzegovina and achievement of progress in the process of European integrations through intense dialogue with the government has been supported by a number of associations from the whole country.

At the beginning of the 2014, the ownership over the Initiative was entrusted to local organisation Vesta, coordinator of the Initiative, who facilitates the process of further network actions.

In order to secure further development of the Citizen as well as continual dialog over the key sectoral problems in the process of EU integration of Bosnia and Herzegovina, members of the network Citizens for Europe, are currently relying on the valuable support of TASCO BIH Office.

It is foreseen that at end of TACSO supported project in 2014, the informal network Citizens for Europe will have adopted strategic orientations in the thematic areas; Rural development and agriculture, Energy and Environment and Labour and Employment, in line with the BIH progress toward EU, procedures for internal and external communication, annual plan for the network and basic recommendations for its sustainability. Updated information about the Citizen for Europe is available at the link gradjanizaeuropu.ba, administrated by Vesta.