MEDIA CIRCLE is project (2014-2018) which is overall objective is to establish independent sustainable multilayered cross country Mechanisms for Active Media Policy Monitoring, Advocacy and Emergency response in SE Europe. Project is manged by the Partnership for Social Development from Croatia and realized in partnership and cooperation with the Expert Forum Romania, Association of BH Journalists (BHJ) and Association VESTA Bosnia and Herzegovina; Balkan Investigative Reporting Network – BIRN Serbia; Center for Media Activities Macedonia and Public Policy Institute and Civil Alliance from Montenegro. Project is financed by the European Union.

Specific objectives of the action are:

• To establih sustainable mechanism for monitoring Media Clientelism and Politicisation Index that will enable cross country comparative and country specific reporting on the state of media clientelism and politicisation;

• To improve national and international policies related to Freedom of Media, Financing of Media, Suppression of Political Influence, enhanced Transparency and Accountability and protection of journalists from undue influence, pressure and violence;

• To increase capacity of media and civil society organizations in the field of policy monitoring and advocacy in relation to Suppression of Media Politicization and Clientelism;

• To establish sustainable cross country civil media advocacy and emergency response network;

• To design cross country investigative journalist support group;

• To enhance cross-sector cooperation between journalists, public institutions and NGOs.