RESPECT Equality (Reintegration, Education, Sustainability, Promotion, Empowerment, Continuity, Toward )

The main goal of the RESPECT Equality project is to support the sustainable return of minorities in accordance with Annex VII of the Dayton Peace Accord. Target groups of the project are minority returnees in 12 local communities of Bratunac, Lopare, Sapna and Čelić.  RESPECT Equality addresses the problem of on-going discrimination in these communities and promotes the socio-economic rights of minority returnees.  Additionally, several initiatives within the project aim to eliminate or reduce elements of xenophobia. Vesta and its partner organization, Association Priroda, are working to strengthen the capacities of local communities and civic groups, improve the mechanisms for cooperation at the local level, and facilitate communication among citizens.

Core activities include training representatives of local communities, civic groups and local radio stations; supporting the preparation and implementation of activities related to sustainable return; organization of consultation meetings with municipal representatives; and dissemination of information at the local level.

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