The web site ANTIKORUPCIJA.BA provides to its readers, on a daily basis, sorted relevant information on the issue of combatting corruption, and makes available, at one place, the relevant documents, laws, regulations, conventions and other documents related to this theme.


Disharmonised access to their rights and allowances has long been a source of discrimination and violation of basic human rights of the newly delivered mothers in BiH. In Bosnia and Herzegovina there is no law that would indiscriminately regulate this issue, given that social protection of family and children falls under respective jurisdiction of the entities and the Brcko District. According to the current legislative framework, we have 12 different approaches to regulation of the rights of the newly delivered mothers in BiH. Situation is especially complex in the Federation of BiH where the jurisdiction is shared by the entity and the cantons in such a way that the entity is responsible for adoption of the legislative framework, while the cantons are responsible for implementation of this legislation and payments of the indemnities to new mothers.


Workshop for youth, entitled „Active citizens“, took place at „Senad of Bosne“ Hotel in Lukavac, from 5 to 7 March 2012. Vesta Association organised the workshop, with the financial support of the UK Embassy in Bosnia and Herzegovina. More thatn 30 young people from North-Eastern BiH participated.


Internews Network in Bosnia and Herzegovina has allocated the second round of small grants aimed at strengthening independent media in BiH. Supported projects include those of investigative journalism and online innovation, as these two fields are given special attention within the SIM project, with a view to strengthen media environment in Bosnia and Herzegovina.


As part of the project „Introducing anticorruption measures at Universities in BiH“, implemented by Vesta Association with the financial support of European Union, a workshop was held on 15 February at the Peace Flame House in Tuzla. It was the third ''capacity building'' training session on the theme „Use of workshops as a tool when working with students ". Participants included project staff from Vesta and OKC Banja Luka, as well as project associates from the Students' Parliament in Banja Luka, Youth Movement Revolt from Tuzla and Students' Association of Faculty of Sport sin Tuzla. The trainer was prof. dr. Tihomir Knežiček.


Vesta Association, with the financial support of the British Council in BIH, is implementing in Tuzla the British Council's ''Active citizens'' project. It is related to inter-cultural dialogue and global social networking. The program's visino is a Word in which young people are recognising their potential and engaging, together with others, to achieve reconciliation and development at both local and international level.


The Association Vesta is a new, proud member of the Network of BiH NGOs 'Stronger Voice for Children'. The Network 'Stronger Voice for Children' is an open, informal network created by the civil society organisations from Bosnia and Herzegovina, whose programme goals are oriented towards protection and improvement of lives of children in BiH.