Individuals and associations in Derventa municipality need to work together

Readiness to learn about the possibilities to form a Local Action Group (LAG)

On Thursday 17 May 2012, a presentation and a panel discussion was held in Derventa municipality , on the theme of European initiatives for development of rural communities. The objective of this event was to contribute to a better understanding of the EU, its policies and programs of rural development, as well as its benefits for candidate countries, potential candidate countries and EU member states.

The presentation was attended by some 50 representatives of Derventa municipality, local communities, farmers' cooperatives, agrarians, producers and ngos. Participants learned abou the advantages of BiH's getting closer to the EU, especially as it concerns development of rural communities, and investments in the rural development programs.

Participants presented their own opinions about the advantages of adjusting to EU standards in agriculture, and discussed the possibilities for promoting the agriculture and rural development of Derventa municipality.