Final report on implemented activities of the network Citizens for Europe TACSO BiH support to networks

Members of the Network Citizens for Europe (CfE) with the support of TACSO BiH initiatives networks, coalitions, initiatives, alliances, platform of civil society organizations (CSOs) in Bosnia and Herzegovina implemented a number of activities in the period June-December 2014. The goal of all activities focused on strengthening policy dialogue on key aspects of the European integration process in Bosnia and Herzegovina as well as strengthening and promoting the network of organizations of civil society.

Specifically, members of the Network Citizens for Europe with the support of TACSO BiH organized two workshops aimed at building their own organizational capacities and defining rules and guidelines for internal and external communication, as well as the identification of strategic and operational priorities for action in the European integration process. The third workshop was next to members of the network brought together a significant number of partners and stakeholders from the government sector, with which the Citizens for Europe discussed the joint activities in the field of fulfilling obligations of the country's path towards the EU.

Workshops to strengthen the internal capacity of the network Citizens for Europe were held in July and September 2014. In both cases, more than half of the members discussed the possibilities of further work which is why it can be considered that the results of workshops are based on the wider interest of the network. Reports from workshops are offered in the form of a draft to all members and the final document was adopted only after receiving feedback. This enables all members of the network to be real stakeholders and to have ownership of the process.

The third session included a wider range of stakeholders, and the methodology applied is not essentially different from the previous two. Namely, as in the previous workshops, the participants at the beginning enabled the adoption of information of special importance for the further course of the workshop, after which work is organized in small groups in order to have direct and open approach to solving the identified problems. The added value of multisectoral workshop held in 11. 12. 2014, is the fact that representatives of government institutions and public enterprises, agencies and services, took part in planning of the activities together with the members of the Citizens for Europe and identified the key, joint steps in the process of European integration.

This report provides an overview of the workshops, which among other things relates to concrete plans of action to strengthen the internal capacity of the network Citizens for Europe as well as strengthening the voice of the Network in the European integration process. More info about results of the each workshop you can find HERE.