Media monitoring: Presentation of women politicians in Tuzla Canton

In 2007, VESTA Association analyzed the work of media within the project "Media Monitoring: Presentation of women politicians in Tuzla Canton", and found out how much space is given to women politicians, and in which way they represent them in the post-election period. Electronic and written media monitoring is done, and a series of radio shows that were show in VESTA radio program was realized. Women politicians from Tuzla Canton took part in it. Together with these activities VESTA Association organized a round table where the results of women politicians' work in the post-election period were looked at. The aim of the project was to increase the visibility of women politicians in the media, and to continuously monitor the activities done after general elections. After realization of the activities specified by the project, certain changes in the presentation of women politicians in electronic and written media, as well as their relationship with the presentation of their work are noticed. Project activities realization resulted in the recognition of media influence on the final position of women politicians after the elections. The public was familiarized with the work of women politicians in Tuzla Canton after October, 2006 elections. The results of monitoring done after general elections in 2006 until September 2007 are published.

Results achieved

The results of monitoring analysis of daily newspapers contents from June to September 2007 showed that the daily newspapers in Bosnia and Herzegovina exclude a woman as a political participant and her political activities are not presented in a sufficient measure and in an appropriate way. A society that does not provide a woman politician with an equal approach to media, and that marginalizes her engagement and the results of her work, is not a democratic one. Then, a woman politician is not able to contribute to the society development. Thus, VESTA Association, within the project, prepared a series of shows that were show in VESTA radio program. A show called "In focus" had for its aim the presentation of women politicians in the post-election period. By showing the shows a contribution was given to the increase of visibility of women politicians in public and political life in Tuzla Canton. In this way, the public met the way and results of the women politicians work in Tuzla Canton.

In 2007, VESTA Association held a round table what resulted in concrete recommendations for further work in this problematic. The female participants of the round table, women politicians fro TC, concluded that for a better cooperation of media and women politicians it is necessary to organize seminars, workshops and educational lectures for women politicians. A particular accent is on meeting media editors about the problematic, since they are, the so called gate keepers who put certain news in the paper or on air. The need for continuous broadcasting of the shows about media, women politicians and their work is expressed.

VESTA Association united the results of media monitoring and women politicians' activities after general elections in 2006 until September 2007 in a single publication "IN FOCUS" - Socially active women politicians". After printing, the publication was distributed to women politicians, politicians and media editors in Tuzla Canton.