Independent media support: Empower and develop Tuzla radio community

The project was based on the necessities of the youth in Bosnia and Herzegovina so as to actively become involved in the decision making processes that contribute to the improvement of their status in this country. A special aspect of necessities in this project is connected to the media space that young people look for and need. While on one side, the project implies active work with young people that are interested in it, on the other side it accepts the needs and possibilities of local radio stations to provide the young people with a creative space for their actions. Thus, the project is directed on local radio stations capacities' empowerment. The general goal of the project is directed onto the process of democratization and integration of the social sector in Bosnia and Herzegovina, that is on the development of the independent media.

Results achieved

VESTA Association created a unique educational kit for the training of editors and journalists from the radio stations, as well as for the representatives of the youth groups from Sarajevo, Banja Luka, Milići and Tuzla. The educated trainers in cooperation with the youth groups determined the most significant needs of the local community and started the campaigns. It is important to note that the topics were chosen by young volunteers that through this project got a unique chance to directly participate in radio program preparation. In that way young volunteers in local radio stations directly produced radio programs that were exchanged with other radio stations. In that way, the public is presented with the needs of young people from different parts of Bosnia and Herzegovina. The aim of the production of youth radio programs is among other things the establishment of the time for continuous actions of youth groups in local media. All the materials created during the realization of the project are published in a single manual that is a high quality basis for actions of other local radio stations in meeting the needs of the youth in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Through project realization significant effects are achieved:

  • The capacities of local radio stations for representation of youth interests and their active participation in the society democratization process are enhanced.
  • The existing relations between radio stations are enhanced and an active network cooperation in the produced program exchange is established.
  • VESTA Radio capacities as a main partner of an Italian organization CRIC are enhanced for the purpose of further social acting in the community.
  • Capacities of young people for advocacy through media are enhanced.

It is important to mention that the equipment supply for a mobile VESTA radio station is provided through the project. Mobile VESTA radio will in the future, in different locations of BH, get a chance to enable young people's voices to be heard.